Job Training Funds Awarded To New Mexico Companies In Hobbs, Sunland Park, Rio Rancho, Roswell & Albuquerque

Bryan’s Green Care is a veteran-, minority-, woman-owned company in Hobbs. The company is a New Mexico certified hemp product manufacturer with retail operation in Hobbs, Roswell, Ruidoso and El Paso. Courtesy/EDD

EDD News:

SANTA FE — The New Mexico Economic Development Department (EDD) announced over $1.7 million in funds from the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) have been approved to businesses in Hobbs, Sunland Park, Roswell, Rio Rancho, and Albuquerque.

Eleven companies will benefit from JTIP allotments to assist in training 110 employees and two interns. The total amount awarded at the October JTIP Board meeting was $1,720,200.

Many of the awards were afforded to small, rural, frontier, and/or companies with high-wage jobs. Two companies received first-time JTIP awards: Modern Alchemist Compounding Pharmacy and Northwest Confections New Mexico.

Since Jan. 1, 2019, JTIP has assisted 171 businesses in 33 communities across New Mexico.

“Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and state lawmakers continue to support this program because they know the Job Training Incentive Program is helping businesses build a more skilled and higher-paid workforce,” EDD Cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes said. “These are the jobs of the future and the way forward as we create a robust and diversified economy.”

October JTIP:

  • 3D Glass Solutions Inc., Albuquerque, 6 trainees at an average wage of $24.21 for a total award of $54,636.80. This award is an amended amount from a previous application. 3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) is a world-class expert on the fabrication of electronic packages and devices using photo-definable glass-ceramics. 3DGS is a pure-play glass foundry that empowers high-performance electronics using engineered glass to design and manufacture passive components for next generation wireless and optical communications.
  • Bryan’s Green Care LLC, Hobbs, 6 trainees at an average wage of $17.42 for a total award of $52,938. Bryan’s Green Care is a veteran-, minority-, woman-owned company. The company is a New Mexico certified hemp product manufacturer. In addition to the production and retail operation in Hobbs, Bryan’s Green Care has retail locations in Roswell, Ruidoso, and El Paso.
  • IRD Fuel Cells LLC, Albuquerque, 9 trainees at an average wage of $27.11 for a total award of $106,490. IRD Fuel Cells supplies state-of-the-art components for high-quality, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly fuel cells, electrolysers, and redox batteries worldwide. The company’s primary customers work with backup power for the telecommunications, transportation, and logistics sectors, with the automotive industry expected to follow in the medium-to-long term.
  • Kairos Power LLC, Albuquerque, 29 trainees at an average wage of $50.36 and 1 intern at a wage of $25 for a total award of0 $782,810. Kairos Power is an advanced energy technology and engineering company launched out of a broad research effort at U.S. universities and national laboratories with whom the company maintains strong working relationships. The company is focused on the development of a clean, innovative nuclear technology that has the potential to transform the energy landscape in the U.S. and around the world. The NM facility conducts non-nuclear testing of technology to utilize low-pressure molten fluoride salt as a coolant in a novel advanced nuclear reactor with an inherently safe design, based on synergies between the fuel source, salt coolant, and passive safety mechanisms.
  • Modern Alchemist Compounding Pharmacy, Albuquerque, 2 trainees at an average wage $24.25 and 1 intern at a wage of $32.50 for a total award of $34,930. Utilizing the art and science of compounding, FDA approved pharmaceutical ingredients, a state-of-the-art facility, and modern technologies, Modern Alchemist Compounding Pharmacy works with prescribers to formulate a wide range of customized medications specific to each individual. Additionally, the company provides educational mentorship to youth and contributes to the UNM College of Pharmacy and other colleges as a Specialty Clinical Experiential Education site for future healthcare professionals.
  • NM Solar Group LLCRoswell, 5 trainees at an average wage of $23 for a total award of $63,170. NM Solar Group is a locally owned and homegrown solar company that has installed over 2,000 systems, primarily to residential customers, since its inception and is rapidly growing and expanding operations to the commercial and governmental sectors.
  • Northwest Confections New Mexico LLC (dba Wyld), Albuquerque, 45 trainees at an average wage of $24.21 for a total award of $435,344.36. Northwest Confections New Mexico, LLC is a newly licensed cannabis processor that will expand the Wyld brand of cannabis-infused edibles, namely gummies, throughout New Mexico. The company directly reinvests a portion of their profits into environmental and social justice initiatives, supporting existing organizations to meet their goals through volunteerism and direct donation.
  • Nature’s Toolbox Inc (dba NTx), Rio Rancho, 3 trainees at an average wage of $49.16 for a total award of $81,706.60. NTx is a bioinformatics and biomanufacturing company. NTx has developed Next Generation Cell Free systems for RNA and protein production – a novel biologics platform. The platform is the first of its kind that enables high-throughput screenings including prediction, identification, and production of biological materials in predefining qualities. The platform allows rapid screenings of available genetic data to identify encoded enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of metabolites and quickens the characterization of novel materials, accelerating preclinical drug discovery efforts for any medically relevant compounds.
  • Photon Rainbow, Albuquerque, 2 trainees at an average wage of $30.25 for a total award of $33,418. Photon Rainbow is exclusive to SunPower, who provides solar modules inverters, and racking. SunPower is the oldest manufacturer of solar PV modules in the country. SunPower Modules and inverters are also the top performing equipment on the market, having the best efficiency, temperature coefficient, and annual degradation. Recently Photon Rainbow became a Certified Pearl Contractor. Pearl Certification is the global standard for high-performing homes. Every customer of Photon Rainbow receives an appraisal addendum certifying them as a green home. The addendum gives all the data points an appraiser needs to add value to a home due to solar and other green and energy efficient aspects of the home. Less than 5 percent of contractors nationwide have been accepted by Pearl.
  • Ryan LLC, Albuquerque, 2 trainees at an average wage of $29.80 for a total award of $33,285. Ryan, LLC is an award-winning global tax services firm with the largest indirect and property tax practices in North America and the seventh largest corporate tax practice in the U.S. Ryan’s multi-disciplinary team of more than 2,000 professionals and associates serves over 9,000 clients in more than 40 countries, including many of the world’s most prominent Global 5000 companies. Ryan focuses on a diverse range of industries across every major taxing jurisdiction. The company has developed expert teams which thoroughly understand the unique tax codes by industry and jurisdiction.
  • Stampede Meat Inc., Sunland Park, 3 trainees at an average wage of $18 for a total award of $41,472. This award is an amended amount from a previous JTIP application. Stampede Meat is a leading provider of portion-controlled protein solutions. Stampede Meat creates seasoned and prepared value-added meats, portion cuts, and a variety of fully cooked meats that serve numerous national food chains, restaurants, retailers, club stores, food service distributors, cruise lines, casinos, home delivery, military, hospitality, schools, airlines, and other markets in the U.S. and internationally.
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