Jim Hall Reponds to Financial Disclosure Issue

ProgressNow NM issued the following press release to media outlets Friday:

“Candidate claims to have “no contact” with PACs, but finance reports tell different story”

“State Rep. Jim Hall recently took it upon himself to publicly declare in the Los Alamos Daily Post, “I have had no contact with any PAC.” And, in Jim Hall’s world, he hasn’t. But public records tell a different story.

“Campaign finance reports filed by the Governor’s PAC, Susana PAC, show a $2,500 contribution to “Jim Hall for State Rep” on May 22, 2012. However, Hall’s reports don’t show any contributions from the PAC or in that amount.

“Hardly a minor bookkeeping oversight, Hall is either ignoring or concealing $2,500 in campaign cash from the Secretary of State and voters.

“On Friday, ProgressNow NM requested that Secretary of State Dianna Duran investigate Hall’s failure to disclose this contribution.

“The Los Alamos Daily Post reports that Governor Martinez will attend a fundraiser for Hall on Sunday in Los Alamos. Perhaps this is a good time for someone to ask them both for an explanation.

Hall responded to the claims made by ProgressNow NM in an email issued to the media this morning:

“Our books balance between the bank and the Secretary of State—there are no unreported contributions.

“My understanding (limited to be sure) is as follows. The issue is the detail that should have shown up on the previous report making up the $8,300 total in supplemental contributions isn’t there. In theory, this is impossible because the total is built from the reported detail. As Chris (Sierk – campaign treasurer) notes, she will follow up on Monday. The Secretary of State reporting system is difficult to use and has been frustrating for Chris, who, after all, was director of Little Forest Day School for 14 years and adept at dealing with financial issues.

“The idea that I would try to hide a $2,500 donation from the Gov. is laughable. As far as accepting money from PACs? I would far rather get money directly from PACs into my campaign where I have some control and responsibility for the message than have the money spent on these attack ads.

Editor’s note: Hall, a Republican, is running against Democrat Stephanie Garcia Richard for House District 43, which covers Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Sandoval counties. Gov. Susana Martinez appointed Hall to the seat following the death of Rep. Jeannette Wallace from illness in April 2011.

Hall attached to this morning’s email his Financial Summary for the Fourth Primary Report:


Financial Summary:

Financial Summary:
Opening Balance: $43,527.15  
Total Supplemental Contributions*: $8,300.00  
Total Contributions*: $1,920.00  
Total Expenditures*: $4,967.12  
Closing Balance For Period: $48,780.03  

Additional Financial Information
Total Loans: $0.00  
Total Unpaid Campaign Debt: $36,085.15  
Total In-Kind Contributions*: $0.00  

* During Current Reporting Period

Hall explained that the Financial Summary for the Fourth Primary Report is not available to the public, rather appears on the candidates’ reporting information. He noted that the $8,300 listed in the “Total Supplemental Contributions entry” on the report, should correspond to the 2012 Primary Supplemental (required for legislative and judicial candidates only) but does not.

In a statement to the Santa Fe New Mexican, Hall’s campaign treasurer stated that she believes “this is a problem with the Campaign Reporting System, rather than with our reporting, and I will contact the Secretary of State’s office on Monday morning.”

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