Jewish Life In New Mexico And Beyond: A Mosaic Of Stories


SANTA FE — “Jewish Life in New Mexico and Beyond: A Mosaic of Stories” is the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society’s theme for its virtual 2020 fall conference Oct. 24-25.

Both Saturday and Sunday 2-4:30 p.m. programs will feature two sessions each day, led by noted New Mexicans.

Zoom pre-registration will be required. Contact: or call (505).348.4471. The Oct. 24 program includes in Session 1: “The Spanish Flu Epidemic in N.M. and the role of Rabbi Bergman”, led by Naomi Sandweiss and Richard Melzer, followed by Session 2, “The Jewish Catskills: A Summer Place”, led by former New York City’s leading professional tour guide, Justin Ferate.

The Sunday Oct. 25 program features in Session 1: “The Making of a Long Journey: the Hidden Jews of the Southwest.” This new PBS documentary, a Long Journey, will make its nationwide premier Nov. 19. The producer is Paula Schwartz and the director is Isaac Artenstein.

Session 2 includes “New Mexican Jewish Physicians in the Indian Health Service, 1960-1980: What We’ve Learned So Far”, presented by Dr. Noel Pugach and Harvey Buchalter. This project is funded by the New Mexico Humanities Council.

Linda Goff, president of NMJHS, concludes Oct. 25 Session 2 with “Preserving the Papers of Rabbi Leonard Helman”, funded by the New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board. NMJHS is a beneficiary organization of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico.