Jemez Cruise Car Rally Takes Over Jemez Springs

The normally empty street in Jemez Springs was overwhelmed with cars searching for parking spaces during Sunday’s Racing Southwest Jemez Cruise. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
Rally participants dodge the raindrops at Sunday’s Jemez Cruise car rally. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
Every now and then, a break in the clouds allowed the sun to throw a clearer light on the participants, mostly young people and unfamiliar faces in Jemez Springs. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski


On Sunday, the sleepy village of Jemez Springs awoke to big city gridlock, as hundreds of vehicles streamed north on N.M. 4 in a giant car rally as the Racing Southwest’s annual Jemez Cruise arrived in town.

As if in sharp riposte to the previous day’s Earth Day celebrations, the air was filled with the roar of engines and plentiful clouds of greenhouse gasses rising to the murky sky.

The weather held briefly, but soon deteriorated, first with waves of hail and sleet, then settling into snow with strong gusts of cold wind. This added to the transformation of the unassuming village main street into an alien seeming, throbbing metropolis. The crowds emerging from their vehicles appeared unaffected, even invigorated by the conditions, as they thronged up and down the main drag.

Moments of sunshine were brief. The winter storm was persistent, but the rally continued undeterred. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
Those with stronger survival instincts gathered in Los Ojos Bar and Restaurant. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
Hoodless rally cars parade down the street in Jemez Springs. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
Visitors watch the rally from their pickup, ignoring the stormy weather. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
Later in the afternoon the sky cleared, the sun blazed down, and, as if on cue, everyone vanished. Photo by Ryszard Wasilewski
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