Jeff Mousseau Named LAESF Scholarship Chair

Jeff Mousseau


Jeff Mousseau, Associate Director of Environmental Programs for Los Alamos National Laboratory, is chairing the 2014 Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund campaign.

Laboratory employees contributed $308,000 to the campaign last year, and Los Alamos National Security, LLC, through its employee match program, gave $250,000.

The 2014 LAESF campaign begins May 19. Scholarship awards range from $30,000 to $1,000 to help students in the seven counties of Northern New Mexico pursue a higher education.

“As the father of five children who have college degrees, I know the finances required as well as the value of the degree,” Mousseau said. “Scholarships awarded to students who sincerely want to continue their education provide opportunities they might otherwise not have.”

Mousseau also has heard first-hand from students working in his Environmental Programs Directorate at LANL how important the scholarships are to their future. Since 1999, Laboratory employees have awarded $3.7 million in scholarships to close to 800 Northern New Mexico students pursuing four-year degrees. The fund is administered by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation.