Jackson Is Top Predictor In Weekly Pace Race

Courtesy photo
ACRR News:
Aaron Jackson was the best predictor in the weekly pace race held near the end of San Ildefonso Road on North Mesa with a 5 second differential off his predicted time. 
Other accurate predictors were: Roxana Candia at 6 seconds off as well as the best finisher on the 1 mile course at 6:32, Jackie Marr with a 18 second second difference, Duane Marr at 21 seconds off, and Nikol Strother recording a 37 second differential and the top female finisher on the 3 mile course with a time of 21:04.
T. Tainowsky was the best male finisher on the 1 mile course at 7:26. On the 3 mile course Ryan Smeltzer was the top finisher with a time of 19:54.
Next week’s race will be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday, September 20, and will start on the Estante Way loop in Pajarito Acres in White Rock. Runner’s will utilize the 1 mile paved loop to run/walk 1 mile or as may miles that they prefer in a 45 minute or less time period. 
For more information call 505.672.1639 or visit the Club’s website at: www.atomicrunners.com and Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com/atomiccityroadrunners
Courtesy photo