It’s The Thinking, Not The Drinking! Effective Underage Drinking Prevention Talk At LAMS Wednesday

Tracy Juechter


The staff at Teen Court agree with the concept of “it takes a village’ (and lots of resources) to raise a child. With that in mind, they have an unexpected opportunity to share Tracy Juechter’s knowledge of the Alcohol Literacy Challenge (ALC), an underage drinking prevention program.

Juechter’s talk is 5:30-6 p.m., Wednesday at Los Alamos Middle School prior to the presentation of the Hawk Sampler.

The staff at Teen Court said they appreciate JJAB, LAPS Administration, LAPS Prevention Specialist Bernadette Lauritzen, and many others in the local community for working with them to facilitate this speaker. Teen Court staff have received numerous positive reactions to this speaker when she presented Feb. 5 at Duane Smith Auditorium and said they believe this information needs to be heard by everyone in the community as it will be a great resource for parents, students and their whole village.

The ALC has been proven to reduce underage and binge drinking in six published studies. The program challenges a person’s expectancies (i.e., beliefs) about alcohol by teaching that most of the “good” effects of drinking are caused by the mental associations a person has with alcohol, rather than the actual chemical effects alcohol causes in a person’s body.

Community members are invited to attend Wednesday’s presentation to learn about this informative program and take the challenge for their own thinking about drinking.