International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe: Open Your Ears To King Henry IV, Part 1

Script for Act I of Henry IV, Part I. with important lines marked or outlined. Courtesy/ISCSF


International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe (ISCSF) presents:

A brand new play! We continue the history tetralogy with Act I of Henry IV, Part I.

We delve into the violent imagery of the body the opens the play, the through line of thievery from the tavern to the throne room, highly complex father-son dynamics and twisted clock metaphors.

Our ensemble for Henry IV, Part I includes Brittany Chandler, Andrew Codispoti, Deborah Davis, Sam Gilroy, Lynn Goodwin, Mitchel Kawash, Nicholas Koy Santillo, Genevieve Simon, Kelly Strandemo, Alexandra Tatarsky, facilitated and directed by Ariana Karp.

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