International Shakespeare Center Announces Release Of First History Play Podcast: King John


ISC News:

The International Shakespeare Center (ISC) has announced the release of its first History Play podcast: King John.

The cast for this program includes Patrick Harvey, Olivia Rose Barresi, Sam Gibbs, Jesse Van Buren, Danielle Reddic, Meg Hachmann, Rafe Terrizzi, Liam Mitchell, Bronwyn Barnwell and Julia Larsen.

This is the beginning of the creation of a complete radio library of Shakespeare’s canon and five episodes of in-depth “table work” discussions about text, character and dramaturgy for each play.

“Table work” is a precious time in the rehearsal process for the ensemble to ask questions, explore ideas, and begin to analyze character relationships.

More than 50 actors, directors and theatre makers have participated so far in this endeavor.

Click here to listen.

And here’s a bonus episode of an interview Artistic Director Ariana Karp conducted with James Shapiro – Shakespeare scholar and author extraordinaire back in 2018. Shapiro’s latest book, Shakespeare in a Divided America, was on the New York Times 10 best books of the year in 2020.

Find the episode here on the website or on iTunes.