Inside Out And Outside In: Layne Kalbfleisch Uses Neuroscience And Psychology To Help Clients

Layne Kalbfeisch, M.E.d Ph.D, recently stopped by the Los Alamos Daily Post to talk about her business, 2E Consults ® LLC. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/
Los Alamos Daily Post

Educational psychologist and neuroscientist Layne Kalbfleisch , M.Ed. Ph.D., has recently moved her base of operations to northern New Mexico.

Her practice, 2E Consults ® LLC, spans Los Alamos, Espanola and Santa Fe. She currently sees Los Alamos clients at Project Y, 150 Central Park Square.

After years spent as an academic and researcher, Kalbfleisch wanted to spend more time working with individual people, and so began her business, 2E Consults.  

Kalbfleisch’s unique background as a scientific researcher, educator and psychologist allows her to approach behavioral and learning challenges from several perspectives at once.

With training in medicine, research science, psychology and education she can see problems that professionals with only one kind of training miss, from many perspectives.

“Teachers, doctors, psychologists, scientists – they all live in separate universes,” Kalbfleisch said. “I bring information from learning science into people’s lives,” she said. “I uncover the root of problems and help people understand them and find ways to work on them.”

Kalbfleisch works with families and organizations to help them function as a team to solve problems.

“I work across the lifespan,” she said. “I work with young children through those suffering from age-related changes to memory.”

The results of psychological testing can baffle non-professionals trying to interpret them. Whether she administers the testing or is looking over the results of previous tests, Kalbfleisch has the training, not only to understand the results, but to explain them and use them.

“The evaluation processes are standard, but I use the results more holistically to target change,” she said.

Her work with children is parent-centered, Kalbfleisch said.

“I’m the glue that connects medicine, education and home-life,” she said. “I let teachers know what’s going on with the child at home and can provide skills for educators and parents to work as a team. There are always cracks between various aspects of treatment and problem-solving. I pull people out of the cracks if they’ve already fallen in.”

Kalbfleisch works with doctors, psychiatrists and even physical therapists and gym professionals as well as educators to ensure support from all sides for her clients.

“I stay with them to make sure it happens,” she said.

One of Kalbfleisch’s many specialties is working with what she calls “twice-exceptional children”. This was one of the areas she researched at George Mason University’s Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study in Fairfax, Va.

“I focus on the relationship between talent and disability,” she said. “Neuroscience gives us clues about how the brain compensates and responds when a disability is present along with high levels of intelligence — in other words, when an individual is twice exceptional.”

Kalbfleisch helps clients use their natural assets to solve problems.

“Natural resources can be disguised as a burden,” she said.

Kalbfleisch’s adult clients, whether as part of a group or as individuals, often want to work on skills like time-management or changing habits.

She looks at the weaknesses and strengths a person has in functioning and helps them understand and change unwanted behaviors.

In New Mexico, Kalbfleisch has worked with Ghost Ranch, Tewa Women United, Nambe Pueblo and Northern New Mexico College on both curriculum development and team functioning.

Whatever the situation a client faces, Kalbfleisch begins in the same way.

“I ask them, if you could, ‘what is the one thing you would change?’” she said. “We start there.”

To learn more, visit 2E Consults at Contact Kalbfleisch at 505.316.0285 or