‘Inside Arts’ Features Local Photographer TK Thompson

Local photographer TK Thompson is featured on ‘Inside Arts’ beginning Sunday on PAC 8. Courtesy/PAC 8


The Los Alamos Museum of Art continues its series “Inside Arts” with an interview with local photographer TK Thompson on PAC 8.

The interview airs 8:30 p.m. Sunday, 4 p.m. Tuesday and 8 p.m. Thursday, March 5.

The sheer joy of photography comes through in the works of TK Thompson. Motivated by the “wonders of the world” around him, Thompson finds joy in the whole process embracing the technical advances in current equipment and production.

“I try to give my work an emotional component that speaks to the viewer the feelings I had when making the image,” he said.

With a degree in chemical engineering, Thompson worked in Idaho designing chemical processes to remove, as he said, “the hazards from “hazardous waste.” Through his photography, Thompson said he hopes to show “a vision of the landscape that is a positive and uplifting experience . . .too much of today’s world is enveloped in chaos and negative energies.”

Perhaps Thompson is still trying to remove the “hazards”, the toxins, in today’s world.

Photography has its own set of hazards. While photographing the church in Cerrillos he said he “had to sit down in the road to get the view I wanted and darn near got run over by a pickup! The image turned out great and I am still alive.”

Thompson’s latest endeavor is a folio series of photographs of the Datura flower, which is available at the Karen Wray Gallery, 1247 Central Ave.