In Focus Looks at Texas Water Rustling; NM Tea Party Scrutiny From IRS

Attorney General Gary King

NM PBS News:

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King talks about the state’s water battle with Texas on this week’s edition of NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS, airing 7 p.m. Friday, May 17 on New Mexico PBS/KNME 5.1.

With both states mired in historic droughts, every drop of water has the potential to be contentious. The A.G. says it amounts to “water rustling” but is there anything the state can do to prevent a Texan water grab?

Also on the program, open government issues still swirl around King and the Martinez administration as the two prepare to do battle in 2014.

The Line opinion panel looks at a New Mexico group embroiled in the Internal Revenue Service scandal that arose this week. The Albuquerque Tea Party says its bid for nonprofit status was scrutinized by the tax agency years after the organization first filed its application.

The group also examines the trend in states approving driver’s licenses for immigrants who may have entered the country illegally. The issue has been the governor’s signature effort since she was elected. Her efforts to repeal New Mexico’s law have fallen short. Will the new developments cause her to rethink her focus or redouble her efforts?

And should states be allowed to charge sales tax on Internet purchases? The move would cost taxpayers, but could protect local retailers and inject cash into state accounts.

Host: Gene Grant. Correspondent: Gwyneth Doland. Guests: Gary King, New Mexico Attorney General. Line Panelists: Jamie Estrada, Agenda Public Relations; Sophie Martin, Editor in Chief, New Mexico Law Review; Javier Martinez, Partnership for Community Action; Milan Simonich, Texas New Mexico Newspapers Partnership.

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