Hygea Health Bite: 4 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Hygea Health Bite

4 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Is your office to blame for your muffin top? Trying to be healthy in an unhealthy workplace can be tough.

Over the years, I have been the unhealthy slug in the office and I have also been the annoying healthy one that people loath at parties. This column includes a few of my top strategies for staying healthy without becoming the annoying health nut at work. 

Keep a water bottle at work…

Water, in my opinion, is the easiest healthy habit to get into and it has the fastest payoff. You need at least half of your body weight in ounces each day. For most people it’s between 3-4 water bottles a day (not the little ones). The further you are from that number the more your energy suffers.

Make it easy: Have a water bottle or cup that stays at work. Take it to meetings. It gives you something to do and also gives you a reason to leave when nature calls. You’ll be surprised how much you can drink in a boring meeting.

Bring a pitcher full of chopped fruit (try cucumbers, strawberries, or oranges) and fill it with water. You’ll be the envy of the office and your water transforms into deliciousness you actually want to drink.

Perks: Your energy will skyrocket and your skin will look great. Don’t be surprised if people ask what you’re up to.

I like to move it, move it…

You know those 15-minute breaks you never take?  Find a walking buddy and take them. If walking isn’t your thing, stretch or just get up and move around as much as possible. Stand whenever you can. Put reminders in your calendar so you don’t forget. Maybe hit the gym right after work so you never reach the couch.

Make it easy: Keep your active clothes at work including tennis shoes, hair tie, and stuff to freshen up after. If you don’t want to change clothes keep some dumbbells or resistance bands under your desk. Google a few mini workouts and then reward yourself (not with food) for doing them.

Perks: Breaks make you smarter and more productive. Plus, even a little extra movement can add up to pounds lost over time. Walking just 20 minutes a day will burn about 500 extra calories per week.


Bring your own bag – of food that is. If you show up to work with no breakfast in your tummy and no idea what’s for lunch, you’re making it pretty hard for your willpower to win any battles. Pretty soon you’ll be what I call “stupid hungry” and ready to plow through anything put in front of you.

Make it easy: Once a week (I like Sundays), plan what you’re going to eat for lunch that week. Make sure you have snacks like fruit, nuts, low-sugar yogurts, boiled eggs, beef jerky, almond butter, chopped veggies like carrots, celery, or jicama, on hand when you need a snack. Oh and don’t forget to have a set of silverware on hand – you’ll be glad to have your own.

Perks: For the little time you put in you’re going to feel so much better, probably lose a few pounds, and save some bucks.

A healthy attitude…

It’s not easy to make changes especially if everyone counts on you to eat dessert and go out to lunch all the time. When you’ve made up your mind to be healthy – let’s be honest – only you can decide to be strong or give in to old habits. I promise it will become a lot easier with a little practice.

Make it easy: Decide ahead of time if you’re going to splurge and what you can say to ward off food-pushers so you’re not bullied or guilted into birthday cake. If worst comes to worst and you panic try making up a new food sensitivity. No one argues with that one. 

Splurging sometimes is fun and even a healthy life has to have wiggle room. I like the 90/10 rule. Ninety percent of the time I do my absolute best but with the other 10%, I eat what I want and enjoy it immensely.

Perks: When you accomplish what you set out to achieve, you feel awesome about yourself, as you should. 

Pick a new healthy habit to employ at work this week. You deserve it.

About Lisa…

Lisa Bakosi is a Certified Health Coach and founder of Hygea Health & Nutrition, LLC. She provides private coaching to individuals, hosts a variety of health seminars, guest lectures at events, and specializes in Employee Wellness Programs. She works with her clients on diet and lifestyle strategies to look great and feel amazing. Visit www.hygeahealthnut.com to learn more about her training and unique approach to health.




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