‘Hunker Down’ KRSN Radio Performance 12:30 P.M. Today

Pat Beck rehearsing the ‘HUNKER DOWN’ radio play. Courtesy photo


What’s the best way to spend the 4th of July, well, “Hunker Down,” of course.

“Hunker Down,” is a play written by Robert Benjamin of Los Alamos. The old school radio show performance will play at 12:30 p.m. today on KRSN AM 1490 or FM 107.1.

Feel free to turn on the radio or stream it from anywhere in the world at www.krsnam1490.com.

The 20-minute theater production, will be performed by Pat Beck and Jim Sicilian.

 Jim Sicilian rehearsing the ‘HUNKER DOWN’ radio play. Courtesy photo

“While sheltering in place, a widow of a certain age finds herself going stir crazy. She grapples for an in-person connection with a neighbor. The curmudgeonly recluse declines, but can she convince him otherwise?”

After the performance, the playwright welcomes all feedback via email, at Benjamin4@me.com.

What response did Benjamin get on the original performance, celebrating the birthday of the Betty Ehart Senior Center in June?

“The two performances went well, based on feedback from several friends who heard it,” Benjamin said. “It’s difficult to tell when there’s not a live audience present. I thought the actors did a marvelous job and it, ‘rang true,’ to me. 

Soon after the radio performances aired, Benjamin received feedback and was encouraged to re-air the original show. KRSN owners David and Gillian Sutton were happy to boost community morale by adding another performance of the show.

According to Benjamin the actors enjoyed working with KRSN staff and the experience of performing a radio play, a new experience for both. While it was written as fiction, Benjamin said, “Sometimes life imitates art.”