Human Trafficker Sentenced To Additional 24 Years

Convicted human trafficker Wallace G. Carson

AG News:

ALBUQUERQUEDistrict Judge Stan Whitaker imposed an additional 24 years of incarceration Wednesday on convicted human trafficker Wallace G. Carson.

The Office of the Attorney General (AG) successfully investigated and prosecuted Carson’s case. The additional time was imposed under New Mexico’s “Habitual Offender Enhancement” laws. Judge Whitaker found that Carson was a “habitual offender” with two prior felony convictions from Texas. This finding requires Carson to serve an additional four years on every felony of which he was convicted last spring.

The 24 year enhancement is added to the 30 years to which he was already sentenced by recent Supreme Court appointee Judith Nakamura. At sentencing, Judge Nakamura expressed her concern with Carson regarding his kidnapping and abuse of at least one underage girl in New Mexico.

The now 54 year sentence takes into account these concerns as well as his criminal history and recruitment of Texas criminals to New Mexico.