House Speaker Creates Investigative Committee To Assess Charges Against Secretary Of State

House Speaker Don Tripp
New Mexico Speaker Don Tripp issued the following statement about creating a Special Committee to investigate charges against Secretary of State Dianna Duran: 
Secretary of State Dianna Duran
Given the serious nature of the allegations made by the Attorney General against the Secretary of State, I believe the appropriate and responsible next step for the House of Representatives is to begin the process of determining whether these charges have merit and rise to the level of impeachment. Therefore, I am creating a Special Committee of the House made up of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, who I will appoint after getting recommendations about the Democrat appointees from the Minority Floor Leader. 
I have sent a letter to Sen. Mary Kay Papen, my co-chair of the Legislative Council, asking that we place the funding of an investigative committee on the agenda for the next meeting which is scheduled for Sept. 15.
I have also sent a letter to the Attorney General letting him know of the creation of this House Special Committee and asking him to share the case file with the committee so that they can review the evidence.
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