House Republicans Pass Legislation To Reward New Mexico’s Best And Brightest Teachers

Rep. Dennis Roch


SANTA FE – Today, House Republicans united together to pass a bill allowing the state’s best teachers to advance through the ranks faster, rewarding outstanding educators with a higher salary much sooner.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Dennis Roch, R-Logan, will now head to the Senate. The vote was 37-0, with all Democrats walking out of the chamber.

“Today, we made a huge step toward rewarding New Mexico’s best and brightest teachers,” Roch said. “By allowing them to progress through the career pathway faster, we can reward them with higher pay and encourage them to remain in the profession.”

Roch’s legislation would allow “highly effective” or “exemplary” teachers to progress through the three-tier system faster. For example, New Mexico’s best teachers could earn a minimum of $50,000 in just four years of teaching instead of having to wait six years or more, which current law requires.

Majority Leader Nate Gentry called out House Democrats for walking out on the vote, saying, “It’s a shame that House Democrats chose to play politics with teacher pay.”

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