Holiday Success Tips and Tricks: Part 2

Holiday Success Tips and Tricks: Part 2
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Getting Customers!

As we continue our Holiday Success series, we want to start where it counts: CUSTOMERS. Your holiday success plan must start with customers. No matter what type of business or organization you operate, without them your business just doesn’t work. Businesses must attract new customers and keep current customers to thrive in this economy.

During the holiday season, the best place to get customers is to reach out to your existing customers. There are a number of ways to reinforce your relationship with your own valued customers during the season.

For instance:

  • Offer returning customer discounts
  • Host a holiday open house
  • Send cards or gifts
  • Engage followers with social media
  • Launch a loyalty program

Also remember that many business look for gifts to give their own employees. Does your business offer something that those companies might want to give as gifts?

The Holiday Success Guide by Rhonda Abrams offers 99 ways to get more customers this holiday season. Here are just a few:

  • Create 2013 calendars with your name & logo on them
  • Create a special holiday menu for your restaurant
  • Create gift baskets
  • Host a photo contest on Facebook
  • Free gifts for kids
  • Shopping bags with your logo
  • Email greetings to customers
  • Have an After-Christmas sale

It’s so important to just get out there and meet new customers. Word–of-mouth marketing is essential. Watch for holiday parties and events that you can attend to network and get your name out there. Volunteer at a local food bank or toy drive. You could even offer your own business as a place to hold a holiday charity event.

Networking & marketing ideas abound at Los Alamos Business Assistance Services, so be sure to tune in daily over the next week for more Holiday Success Tips.

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