Hilltoppers Take Second In 38th Annual Barney Relays

Sophomore Sylvia Holesinger. Courtesy photo
The Los Alamos High School Hilltoppers Swimming and Diving teams finished second to Albuquerque Academy in both the girls and boys competition Nov. 16 at the 38th Annual Barney Relays at Albuquerque Academy.
The girls team scores were Albuquerque Academy 176, Los Alamos 134, Cleveland 110, Hope Christian 104, Rio Rancho 56, St Pius 50, Sandia Prep 26, Cottonwood Classical 10.
The boys team scores were Albuquerque Academy 180, Los Alamos 134, Cleveland 86, Hope Christian 66, Rio Rancho 60, St Pius 58, Sandia Prep 24, Cottonwood Classical 22.
Senior co-captain Ian Jaegers led off the mixed (two-gender) 400 medley relay in 54.73, easily below the state high school meet standard for 100 back, although it was unofficial since the relay was a non-standard event.
Sophomore Matias Rougier led off the 200 freestyle relay in 23.26, bettering the state meet qualifying time by 0.23 second.
The boys 200 medley relay team of frosh Ming Lo, junior Max Corliss, junior Takuma Shiina and junior Konstantin Nelson achieved the state meet qualifying time in finishing second to Academy in the event. They clocked 1:46.01, safely under the qualifying time of 1:53.69.
Despite only a few weeks of training, five of Coach Carl Cady’s divers qualified for the state high school meet: sophomore Kyle Hatler, sophomore Annie Beus, junior Daniel Fryer, senior Griffin Stidham, and sophomore Brayden Stidham.
Many Hilltoppers notched personal best individual splits. Middle schoolers Emily McLaughlin and Hayden Sutton made their debut for the Hilltoppers in interscholastic competition.
The Hilltoppers’ cumulative times for the 15 events were 27.59 seconds faster than at this meet in 2018, or 1.84 seconds per event.
The next competition for the Hilltoppers is the 5th Annual Bill Hudson Memorial High School Swimming and Diving Invitational Dec. 6-7. The Hudson meet is usually one on the biggest high school meets in the state with 15 teams and over 300 swimmers and divers.
38th Annual Barney Relays
Albuquerque Academy  Nov. 16 SQT = State Qualifying Time for LAHS
Mixed Diving Relay: Academy 417.35, Los Alamos 409.50 (Kyle Hatler, Katie Wingo), Cleveland 368.70
Mixed 400 Medley Relay: Academy 3:47.89 (meet record), Los Alamos 4:08.44 (Ian Jaegers, Max Corliss, Kamaya Ronning, Bailey Yost), Cleveland 4:17.72, Hope 4:22.14, Rio Rancho 4:25.64, Cottonwood 4:26.10, St Pius 4:34.36
Girls 200 Free Relay: Academy 1:48.24, Los Alamos 1:53.40 (Sylvia Holesinger, Savannah Kimball, Cory Liechty, Ada Tripp), Hope 1:59.67, Cleveland 1:59.95, Sandia Prep 2:06.78, Rio Rancho 2:08.13, St Pius 2:08.34, Cottonwood 2:36.39
Girls 200 Breast Relay: Academy 2:17.69, Los Alamos 2:27.50 (Maddie Ovaska, Bailey Yost, Kamaya Ronning, Katherine Elton), Cleveland 2:30.32, St Pius 2:32.45, Hope 2:41.84, Cottonwood DQ
Girls 200 Back Relay:  Hope 2:06.98, Academy 2:09.73, Los Alamos 2:10.14 (Savannah Kimball, Natalie Aulwes, Maddie Ovaska, Sophie Schmidt), Cleveland 2:14.42, Rio Rancho 2:19.32, St Pius 2:24.75
Mixed 400 Free Relay: Academy 3:35.99, Cleveland 3:40.76, Los Alamos 3:45.20 (Cory Liechty, Sylvia Holesinger, Matias Rougier, Ian Jaegers), Hope 4:14.97, St Pius 4:18.23, Rio Rancho 4:39.23, Cottonwood DQ
Girls 400 IM Relay: Academy 4:22.19, Los Alamos 4:50.81 (Emily McLaughlin, Kezia Tripp, Sophie Schmidt, Katherine Elton), Cleveland 4:55.22, Hope 5:16.47, St Pius 5:19.09, Rio Rancho 5:19.61
Girls 200 Butterfly Relay: Academy 1:57.94, Los Alamos 2:02.59 (Kamaya Ronning, Dana Urbatsch, Julia Chen, Katherine Elton), Hope 2:05.34, Cleveland 2:16.26, Rio Rancho 2:31.89, St Pius 2:35.40
Girls 200 Medley Relay: Academy 1:57.53, Los Alamos 2:05.41 SQT (Julia Chen, Bailey Yost, Sophie Schmidt, Savannah Kimball), Cleveland 2:12.52, Hope 2:19.45, Sandia Prep 2:34.94, Rio Rancho 2:37.17, St Pius DQ
Mixed 8 x 50 Free Relay: Academy 3:31.98, Hope 3:33.73, Los Alamos 3:41.49 (Max Berndt, Natalie Aulwes, Andrew Watson, Anna Clark, Caleb Kerstiens, Elizabeth Frost, Wayne Williams, Bela Montoya), Sandia Prep 4:07.14, Rio Rancho 4:09.98, Cleveland 4:12.79, St Pius 4:36.11, Cottonwood 5:26.56
Girls Team Scores:  Albuquerque Academy 176, Los Alamos 134, Cleveland 110, Hope Christian 104, Rio Rancho 56, St Pius 50, Sandia Prep 26, Cottonwood Classical 10
200 Free Relay: Academy 1:30.29, St Pius 1:38.28, Los Alamos 1:40.01 (Matias Rougier 23.26 SQT, Hayden Sutton, Gabe Katko, Caleb Kerstiens), Cleveland 1:40.93, Rio Rancho 1:44.68, Sandia Prep 1:54.10, Hope 2:21.71, Cottonwood 2:36.17
Boys 200 Breast Relay: Academy 1:57.88, Los Alamos 2:06.37 (Takuma Shiina, Max Berndt, Gabe Katko, Andy Corliss), Hope DQ, Rio Rancho DQ, Cleveland DQ, St Pius DQ, Cottonwood DQ
Boys 200 Back Relay: Academy 1:46.75, Los Alamos 1:49.46 (Ming Lo, Hayden Sutton, Konstantin Nelson, Ian Jaegers), Cleveland 2:07.49, Rio Rancho 2:09.81, St Pius 2:21.22, Hope 2:59.49
Boys 400 IM Relay: Academy 3:46.45 (meet record), Los Alamos 3:53.77 (Takuma Shiina, Ming Lo, Andy Corliss, Max Corliss), Rio Rancho 4:17.89, Hope 4:27.54, Cleveland 4:49.62, St Pius DQ
Boys 200 Butterfly Relay: Academy 1:41.45, Los Alamos 1:42.60 (Matias Rougier, Andrew Watson, Andy Corliss, Konstantin Nelson), Cottonwood 1:58.12, St Pius 2:06.47, Rio Rancho 2:12.11, Hope 2:25.13
Boys 200 Medley Relay: Academy 1:42.10, Los Alamos 1:46.01 SQT (Ming Lo, Max Corliss, Takuma Shiina, Konstantin Nelson), Cleveland 1:50.94, St Pius 2:03.63, Sandia Prep 2:09.28, Hope 2:29.29, Rio Rancho DQ
Boys Team Scores:  Albuquerque Academy 180, Los Alamos 134, Cleveland 86, Hope Christian 66, Rio Rancho 60, St Pius 58, Sandia Prep 24, Cottonwood Classical 22

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