Heinrich Releases ‘Labs & Bases’ TV Ad

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From the Martin Heinrich for Senate Campaign:

ALBUQUERQUE – Today, U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich’s campaign for U.S. Senate released a new television ad titled “Labs & Bases”.

The ad features former Sandia National Laboratories Director Jill Hruby, President and Chief Technical Officer of Pajarito Powder Barr Zulevi, General Atomics physicist Robert Peterkin and retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Gene Sisneros, speaking about Sen. Heinrich’s work to strengthen New Mexico’s labs and bases and bolster the state’s economy.


Barr Zulevi: “Martin Heinrich is fighting for our labs and bases.”
Jill Hruby: “The labs and bases are a key driver for our state’s economy.”
Barr Zulevi: “New Mexico’s military installations inject $3.1 billion into our economy.”
Robert Peterkin: “And he’s fighting to strengthen our labs by diversifying their missions.”
Gene Sisneros: “That protects our civilian jobs, our military jobs. It’s just hard to put into words how important it is.”
Robert Peterkin: “Martin Heinrich is a champion for our labs and for our bases.”
Jill Hruby: “Martin knows that diversifying our economy will take us into the future.”
Martin Heinrich VO: “I’m Martin Heinrich, and I approve this message.”

Background: Martin Heinrich has delivered more than $1.25 billion dollars in investment in New Mexico’s military installations and secured forward-looking missions at the labs and bases.

  • Landed two new F-16 squadrons at Holloman Air Force Base and secured $121 million to support them
  • Saved Kirtland Air Force Base’s critically important small satellites mission
  • Brought hundreds of millions of dollars back to Cannon Air Force Base for crucial infrastructure upgrades
  • Ensured Los Alamos National Lab remained the center of excellence for plutonium pit production 
  • Secured a new active duty mission at White Sands Missile Range
  • Landed multi-million dollar contracts for New Mexico-based businesses like Aquila to manufacture defense technology to keep our troops safe
  • Passed $200 million in spending in 2017 for directed energy research, a growing high-tech field being generated in New Mexico
  • Increased opportunities for New Mexico’s businesses to partner with the labs and for technology developed at the labs to be commercialized
  • Increased funding for Laboratory Directed Research and Development
  • Successfully pushed the Obama administration to increase funding for environmental cleanup at Los Alamos National Laboratory.