Hall Prefers Civility of New Mexico Politics

District 43 Report
By State Representative Jim Hall

This is the fourth report in the series on State House District 43. The district is large, diverse, and filled with active people and events. This report is necessarily brief and only covers a few events. 

First, there is now more background information on the Las Conchas Fire, the science, and proposed policy and technical responses. 

As I mentioned in my special report, one of the major events was the EPSCoR sponsored meeting on “Fire and Water: The Las Conchas Fire.”

The final meeting report is at: (http://nmfirst.org/_literature_139628/Town_Hall_on_New_Mexico_Fire_and_Water_Final_Report.)

Another set of documents are now available online at http://sweri.eri.nau.edu/dfc_wksp_may9_2012.html for those who remember my report on the conference on “Desired Conditions” for western forests. 

Second, legislative interim committee meetings started this month. I attended four — Land Grant (LGC), Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight (TSROC), Science, Technology, and Telecommunications (STTC), and Radioactive and Hazardous Materials (RHMC.) 

Agendas can be found on the Legislative website (nmlegis.gov.)

The immediately relevant meeting was the RHMC meeting. It focused on the movement of all aboveground nuclear waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory to WIPP. 

The complex process required to characterize the waste, repackage it, move it, and bury it is ahead of schedule and is proceeding smoothly.

I attended both Los Alamos Community Health Council (LACHC) and Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) meetings. 

These organizations deal admirably with some of the neediest citizens in our community. 

I also attended the FAN Club meeting for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s meeting at the senior center.  

As my mother died of Alzheimer’s 20 years after being diagnosed, I have a special affinity for organizations that ease the trials of both those with the disease and their caregivers. 

This year’s walk will be on Sept. 15. I urge everyone who can attend to be a part of this event.

On June 6, I attended a meeting of the Jemez Valley Community Association (JVCA)–dedicated to the enhancement of life in the Jemez Valley for residents and visitors alike.  

The JVCA are hard working volunteers who sponsor a number of events during the year (see http://www.jemezsprings.org/jvca.html.)  

I urge everyone to take the short trip to Jemez Springs to attend one of their events—note especially the (rubber) duck race after the 10 a.m. parade on July 4.

Other—the continuing effort to get enough water to the traditional agriculturalists in La Cienega and La Bajada continues.    

The drought, the decreasing productivity of their springs, and the diversion of the City of Santa Fe water treatment plant output are threatening the 300-year-old traditions of these communities. 

Three area mayordomos, Santa Fe Commissioner Robert Anaya, and I appeared on KSWV 810’s Straight Talk program to discuss the problems and possible solutions. 

Former Santa Fe city prosecutor Art Michael is the host and asks tough questions.

Finally, under the heading, “politics is a tough business,” some opponents of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker were angrier than others last week … Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Dem challenging Walker, bore the brunt of that anger, at least from one woman. 

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, she was apparently miffed that Barrett conceded while ballots were still being cast in some places.

After he finished, she asked the mayor if she could slap him. He suggested he give her a hug instead, and leaned down to do so. Maybe she didn’t hear him, or maybe she just wasn’t in a huggy mood.

In any case, she hauled off and gave Barrett a solid open-palm slap across the kisser. The mayor said he has no plans to press charges, calling it just an instance of “life in the big city.” 

And this was his supporter! Remind me to never run for office in Wisconsin—Jim Hall


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