Grant Homestead Plaque Installed at Guaje Pines

Dignitaries at the dedication of the Grant Homestead plaque during a ceremony at Guaje Pines Thursday. From left, Dorthy Hoard, Isabel “Belle” Grant Hill, Joe Gutuerrez, the chair of the committee and Colleen Olinger. Photo by TK Thompson/

Joe Gutierrez and Isabel “Belle” Grant Hill look over the back fence at Guaje Pines Cemetary. A year around creek used to flow down this arroyo when her Grandfather homesteaded this piece of land. She remembered that the creek even had trout in it back then. Gutierrez is the past president of the Parajito Plateau Homesteaders Association. Photo by TK Thompson/
The plaque that was installed at the end of the road in Guaje Pines Cemetary marking the location of the Grant Homestead. Photo by TK Thompson/
Belle Grant Hill with the newly installed plaque honoring her ancestors homestead. The plaque looks out over the Grant Homestead location. Photo by TK Thompson/
Dorothy Hoard, left, and Belle Grant Hill discuss the efforts leading up to the plaque being installed Thursday. Colleen Olinger listens in the background. Photo by TK Thompson/


Los Alamos Historian Dorothy Hoard and County Open Space Specialist Craig Martin discuss the significance of the new Homestead Tour. Photo by TK Thompson/

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