Governor Signs Game And Fish-Related Bills

Gov. Susana Martinez


SANTA FE — Gov. Susana Martinez signed a series of game and fish-related bills Friday that will improve outdoor recreation and allow aquaponic farming of tilapia.

“New Mexico has amazing outdoor recreation opportunities, especially hunting and fishing. They are a core part of our state’s tourism industry and support our local economies throughout the state,” Martinez said. “These bills will further improve these opportunities and help support a growing commercial sector in the state.”

House Bill 202, sponsored by Rep. Alonzo Baldonado, R-Los Lunas, allows certain minor game and fish violations to be disposed of by agreeing to pay a penalty without having to appear in court.

Senate Bill 231, sponsored by Sen. Benny Shendo, D-Jemez Pueblo, allows the New Mexico Game Commission to recruit and train volunteers to assist with outdoor activities, such as teaching courses on fishing, shooting bows, and how to safely handle firearms. This will also allow volunteers to help in forest projects to improve wildlife habitat and other beneficial programs to assist game and fish species.

House Bill 201, sponsored by Rep. Baldonado, allows aquaponic farming of tilapia, an increasingly popular method for raising fish and vegetables in a sustainable manner while conserving thousands of gallons of water compared to traditional methods of fish farming.

“I am very pleased that Gov. Susana Martinez has chosen to sign this legislation into law. These laws are going to be beneficial to our wildlife resources and the citizens who appreciate them,” said New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Assistant Director Chris Chadwick. “The end result will be more opportunities for people to learn how to safely enjoy the outdoors and legally grow a popular food fish in a sustainable manner that conserves our limited water resources.”

Governor Martinez also acted on the following legislation:

  • Signed House Bill 63 — NMFA Public Project Revolving Fund Projects (MESSAGE)
  • Signed House Bill 277 — Kinship Guardianship Changes (MESSAGE)
  • Signed House Bill 282 — Higher Education Common Course Naming & Numbering (MESSAGE)
  • Signed House Bill 475 —Taxation and Revenue Department Information to NMFA (MESSAGE)
  • Signed House Bill 505 — Coverage of Former Foster Care Recipients (MESSAGE)
  • Signed Senate Bill 100 — NM Magazine Ad Sales Procurement Exemption (MESSAGE)
  • Signed Senate Bill 189 — Good Samaritan Liability (MESSAGE)
  • Signed Senate Bill 226 — Use of Public Water and Landowner Protection (MESSAGE)
  • Signed Senate Bill 270 — Tobacco Fund Distributions (MESSAGE)
  • Signed Senate Bill 276 — State Engineer Hearing Locations (MESSAGE)
  • Signed Senate Bill 302 — Administrative and Accounting Services Gross Receipts (MESSAGE)
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