Governor Signs Bill To Help Pay Off Student Loans For Nurses Who Go Back To School


LAS CRUCES — Today, Gov. Susana Martinez signed legislation that will help pay off student loan debt for nurses who go back to school to become educators in their field.

Senate Bill 341, sponsored by Sen. Pete Campos, D-Las Vegas, allows eligible nurses to enter into loan-for-service agreements through the Nurse Educators Fund. Currently, only faculty are eligible to receive aid from this fund. This legislation helps address the state’s shortage of nurses by encouraging nurses to enter the classroom and teach the next generation in their field. The House version of this legislation, House Bill 121, was sponsored by Rep. Terry McMillan, R-Las Cruces.

Martinez also acted on the following legislation:

Signed House Bill 67 — Property Tax Schedule Change Requests (MESSAGE)
Signed House Bill 83 — Land Grant Fund Deposits and Expenditures (MESSAGE)
Signed House Bill 142 — Unauthorized Distribution Of Sensitive Images (MESSAGE)
Signed House Bill 328 — No Alteration Or Sale Of Counterfeit Airbags (MESSAGE)
Signed Senate Bill 104 — Installments For Delinquent Property Taxes (MESSAGE)
Signed Senate Bill 125 — Change County Road Speed Limits (MESSAGE)
Signed Senate Bill 129 — School District Liens On Some School Buses (MESSAGE)

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