Governor Acts On Three New Bills

Gov. Susana Martinez


SANTA FE — Today, Gov. Susana Martinez acted on the following legislation:

  • Signed Senate Bill 113 – Reduce Appropriations and Transfer Funds [MESSAGE]
  • Signed Senate Bill 114 – School District Cash Balances [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 4 – Revert Balances of Certain Funds [MESSAGE]

“I told lawmakers on day one that we had to solve our budget deficit in a way that didn’t raise taxes or cut classroom spending,” Martinez said. “For the last several weeks, my staff and I met with lawmakers from both parties to make this happen. While they sent over a package that isn’t perfect, I’m pleased that it doesn’t compromise our principles. It protects our classrooms and it doesn’t make our families foot the bill. It does, however, cut our job creation fund — the same one that brought us companies like Facebook. And for that reason, I have line-item vetoed that request in order to protect our economic development tools.

“I thank lawmakers for their willingness to compromise and ensure that it is state government that has to tighten its belt — not our families. We still have a lot of work to do this session, and I’m confident that we can continue to come together and make New Mexicans proud.”