Gov. Lujan Grisham Top Aide Victor Reyes Launches Campaign For Deb Haaland’s Congressional Seat

Congressional Candidate Victor Reyes

From the Victor Reyes for Congress Campaign:

ALBUQUERQUE – Victor Reyes, a top aide to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, progressive leader, and chairman of New Mexico’s Community Development Council, today launched his campaign for United States Congress in the First Congressional District.

New Mexico Congresswoman Deb Haaland has been nominated as Secretary of the Interior in the Biden-Harris Administration. When confirmed, her vacancy will cause a special election.

Reyes pledged to run a people-powered campaign that will engage communities all across the district. If elected, Reyes, who has dedicated his professional life to uplifting disadvantaged communities in our state, would be the first LGBTQ person to represent New Mexico in the United States Congress. 

New Mexico House Majority Leader Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton is serving as treasurer for the Reyes campaign.

In his video announcement, Reyes said, “Growing up, my mother always told me: ‘Tienes que ser una voz para los que sienten que no tienen las palabras o el poder.’ You’ve got to be a voice for the people who feel they don’t have the words or the power themselves. That’s what being a representative in Congress should be all about. That’s what I’ve done my whole life.

“Congresswoman Haaland is a fearless trailblazer, who has honored her constituents and state with her honest and forthright service,” Reyes said. “It is critical that we do not lose a step in the First District in our efforts to support working people and that we elect a real progressive leader to continue her work. I’m humbled and proud to launch this grassroots campaign for Congress today.”

“In Congress, I’ll stand strong for Medicare for All and a Green New Deal that protects our treasured air, land, and water. I’ll fight for racial justice, reproductive justice, and LGBTQ and transgender rights. Together, with the support of the voters of the district, we’ll prioritize criminal justice reform and provide real support for our families and small businesses amid this pandemic. Just like I’ve done here in New Mexico, I’ll never back down to the NRA and the gun lobby. When it comes to being there for our educators and organized labor, you know you can always count on me. We can only do this together. And we will. 

“I’ll work tirelessly every day to build a strong grassroots campaign to engage every community across our district. I look forward to the work ahead.” 

About Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes serves as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s legislative director, where he’s helped lead the administration’s efforts to support educators, stop gun violence, build and diversify New Mexico’s economy, and protect our environment. His leadership and vision helped create one of the most productive legislative sessions in history in 2019, important policy advances in 2020 and meaningful relief measures amid the two special sessions of the pandemic summer, notably the business and individual relief measures approved by the Legislature in November of last year.

He also serves as the chair of New Mexico’s Community Development Council where he oversees the investment of tens of millions of dollars of federal funds in infrastructure and economic development projects in New Mexico. Under Reyes’ leadership, the council has partnered with the state’s mortgage finance authority to dedicate $13 million dollars in funding to housing and rental assistance to families struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic.

Prior to his government service, Reyes built a record of progressive advocacy as a community organizer and advocate in New Mexico. As the political and legislative director of Conservation Voters New Mexico, he led the successful opposition to anti-conservation legislation in the 2015 state legislative session. As the Campaigns Director for ProgressNow New Mexico, he championed progressive candidates and issues, pushing back against former Republican Governor Susana Martinez’s destructive anti-working family agenda.

Reyes also is a longtime advocate and national leader on reproductive freedom and justice. He serves as the Board Chair of Catholics for Choice, has helped defeat anti-abortion legislation, and has worked alongside a diverse coalition of women, families, and community organizations to repeal an antiquated law that would ban abortions in our state.