Gold Edges Green In Toppers Swimming Intrasquad

Senior Co-Captain Maddie Ovaska. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos High School Hilltoppers swimmers opened their 2019-20 campaign with the annual Green Gold intrasquad meet Nov. 2 at Larry Walkup Aquatic Center. 
Gold narrowly edged out Green, 340-334, in the combined scores. Green beat Gold in the boys’ tally, 148 to 143, while Gold won the girls’ competition, 197-186, over the Green team.
Several personal bests were achieved, and many swimmers beat their times from last year’s intrasquad meet. Rookies gained confidence in preparation for future meets.
Four swimmers – Matias Rougier, Max Corliss, Takuma Shiina and Andy Corliss – unofficially eclipsed five state meet qualifying standards, indicated in the results below by SQT.
Four swimmers won two or more individual events each for their squads.
Senior Ian Jaegers (Gold) won the 200 freestyle, the 100 freestyle and the 100 backstroke. Juniors Max Corliss and Katherine Elton each took the 200 individual medley and the 100 breaststroke for the Green teams. Sophomore Julia Chen captured the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke for her Gold team.
Two girls who just wrapped up their seasons in other sports for the Hilltoppers posted quick results despite not much swimming-specific training this season. 
The Hilltoppers travel Nov. 16 to Academy for the Barney Relays.
LAHS Hilltoppers Swimming Green-Gold Intrasquad
11/2/2019   Walkup Aquatic Center  Los Alamos, NM SQT = State Qualifying Time
200 MR:  Gold 2:13.08 (Julia Chen, Bailey Yost, Kamaya Ronning, Sophia Lebensohn), Green 2:14.62 (Dana Urbatsch, Katherine Elton, Olivia DeCroix, Sylvia Holesinger), Gold 2:18.15 (Maddie Ovaska, Anna Clark, Sophie Schmidt, Bella Montoya), Green 2:21.76 (Savannah Kimball, Kylie Burns, Kezia Tripp, Emily McLaughlin)  
200 Free: Cory Liechty GR 2:20.10, Kamaya Ronning G 2:25.28, Ada Tripp G 2:35.26
200 IM: Katherine Elton GR 2:31.42, Sophie Schmidt G 2:40.02, Kezia Tripp GR 2:51.13, Olivia DeCroix GR 2:52.48
50 Free: Bailey Yost G 28.39, Sylvia Holesinger GR 28.62, Emily McLaughlin GR 29.58, Maddie Ovaska G 29.93, Anna Clark G 31.19, Sofia Lebensohn G 36.44, Kylie Burns GR 36.79
100 Fly: Julia Chen G 1:07.18, Kamaya Ronning G 1:13.78, Kezia Tripp GR 1:18.88
100 Free: Sylvia Holesinger GR 1:04.05, Maddie Ovaska G 1:06.63, Ada Tripp G 1:09.52, Olivia DeCroix GR 1:09.64, Dana Urbatsch GR 1:10.29, Sofia Lebensohn G 1:28.34
500: Savannah Kimball GR 6:17.44, Cory Liechty GR 6:21.16, Bella Montoya G 7:31.24
200 Free Relay: Green 1:58.04 (Olivia DeCroix, Katherine Elton, Savannah Kimball, Dana Urbatsch), Gold 1:59.28 (Bailey Yost, Ada Tripp, Maddie Ovaska, Kamaya Ronning), Green 2:04.43 (Cory Liechty, Kylie Burns, Kezia Tripp, Sylvia Holesinger), Gold 2:04.55 (Sophie Schmidt, Sofia Lebensohn, Julia Chen, Anna Clark)
100 Back: Julia Chen G 1:12.62, Sophie Schmidt G 1:12.72, Savannah Kimball GR 1:13.15, Dana Urbatsch GR 1:23.21
100 Breast: Katherine Elton GR 1:16.60, Bailey Yost G 1:22.13, Anna Clark G 1:29.40, Bella Montoya G 1:36.64, Kylie Burns GR 1:42.20
400 Free Relay: Gold 4:24.08 (Julia Chen, Bella Montoya, Bailey Yost, Ada Tripp), Green 4:25.80 (Kezia Tripp, Katherine Elton, Olivia DeCroix, Cory Liechty), Gold 4:29.27 (Maddie Ovaska, Anna Clark, Sophie Schmidt, Kamaya Ronning), Green 4:36.94 (Savannah Kimball, Kylie Burns, Dana Urbatsch, Sylvia Holesinger)
Final Girls Score: Gold 197, Green 186
200 MR: Green 2:08.44 (Isaac Gao, Max Corliss, Logan Black, Wayne Williams), Gold 2:13.86 (Avery Johnson, Max Berndt, Takuma Shiina, Caleb Kerstiens)
200 Free: Ian Jaegers G 1:58.00, Caleb Kerstiens G 2:15.68, Isaac Gao GR 2:38.37
200 IM: Max Corliss GR 2:10.43 (under SQT), Takuma Shiina G 2:14.26 (under SQT), Wayne Williams GR 2:22.25
50 Free: Matias Rougier GR 23.16 (under SQT), Hayden Sutton GR 26.65, Max Berndt G 27.90, Avery Johnson G 36.88
100 Fly: Andy Corliss G 57.80 (under SQT), Logan Black GR 1:31.72
100 Free: Ian Jaegers G 52.51, Matias Rougier GR 54.17, Gabe Katko GR 57.85, Avery Johnson G 1:26.18
500: Wayne Williams GR 5:41.82, Takuma Shiina G 5:53.65, Caleb Kerstiens G 6:24.78, Logan Black GR 7:53.28
200 Free Relay: Gold 1:42.54 (Max Berndt, Caleb Kerstiens, Andy Corliss, Ian Jaegers), Green 1:43.42 (Matias Rougier, Max Corliss, Hayden Sutton, Isaac Gao)
100 Back: Ian Jaegers G 59.43, Hayden Sutton GR 1:07.79, Gabe Katko GR 1:10.16, Max Berndt G 1:17.95
100 Breast: Max Corliss GR 1:03.34 (under SQT), Andy Corliss G 1:05.21, Max Berndt G 1:21.94, Isaac Gao GR 1:29.94
400 Free Relay: Green 3:47.44 (Hayden Sutton, Matias Rougier, Wayne Williams, Gabe Katko), Gold 4:14.11 (Avery Johnson, Takuma Shiina, Andy Corliss, Caleb Kerstiens)
Final Boys Score: Green 148, Gold 143