Gnarly-branched Pine Tree Falls On Walnut Street

Neighbors heard a crackle, like fireworks, then a scream … nobody was hurt as a tree fell at about 11:30 a.m. Monday at the top of Walnut Street across from 33rd Street. Neighbors did most of the clean-up with some help from LAPD. The County arrived to put up a sign and drop off traffic cones. Previous complaints (not formal) to the County were made because of the proximity to Aspen School, according to neighbors. The former owner was unable to pay for removal. A professional arborist recently said this neighborhood is a minefield of these gnarly-branched pines. Reports are that the trees get that way from mistletoe that ‘chokes’ them and attracts insects. Neighbors said there is another tree like this one just yards away. Photo by Kate Klose
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