Gibson And Medin Tie For Top Predictor

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
ACRR News:
Lindsay Gibson and Zach Medin tied for best prediction at 18 seconds off in the weekly pace race Aug. 21 in the Quemazon Complex.
Other accurate predictors were: Anders Medin, 8, with a 24 second differential, Luke Gibson, 6, and Roxana Candia who also was the first female finisher on the 1 mile course recording a 9:41 at 39 seconds off, Adrian Medin, 7, and Aaron Jackson tied at 42 seconds off, and Levi Gibson, 8, recording a 60 second difference as well as the top finisher on the 1 mile course with a time of 8:40.
On the 3 mile course Travis Gibson was the best finisher at 26:05 and the first female was Lynn Bjorklund recording a 31:52.
Next week’s race is in White Rock in Pajarito Acres starting at the end of the Cul de Sac on Acoma Lane. Travel west through White Rock on N.M. 4 about a mile from the Pajarito Road junction and turn left on S. Monte Rey Drive, then right on Potrillo Drive to the first right on Acoma Lane. 1 and 2.8 mile paved runs will be available.
For more information call 505.672.1639 or visit
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