Gary King Endorses Marco Serna For Congress

Attorney General Gary King
AG News:
SANTA FE Attorney General Gary King announced Monday his endorsement of First Judicial District Attorney Marco Serna for the Third Congressional District.
King, a former two-term attorney general, state representative and Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee, released the following statement:
“Northern New Mexico has so much at stake in this election from protecting and expanding funding for Los Alamos National Laboratory, to building our green energy economy, to combating the Opioid epidemic Marco Serna is the candidate who will get things done for us in Washington.
Marco has a proven record of implementing policies in the DA’s office to ensure our children and families are protected from violent offenders. Moreover, his successful Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program prioritizing treatment over incarceration is a bold step to reform our criminal justice system by getting those struggling with addiction the support they desperately need. I’m standing with Marco Serna in the Democratic primary and urge my fellow Democrats to do the same.”