Garcia Richard Shares Capital Outlay History

Dist. 43 Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard


Recent media attention, from Think New Mexico and others, has focused on the process of capital outlay in New Mexico including increased scrutiny on how public money is appropriated and ideas on how the system can be reformed.

In an effort to continue to champion good government and transparency, Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard has released a statement and a full list of capital outlay projects she has directly funded.

Although the amount fluctuates year to year, New Mexico House representatives have been able to fund $500,000-700,000 in approved local Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan projects over the last couple of years. These projects are limited, require local government support, and can be vetoed by the Governor.

By Dist. 43 Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard
Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Sandoval and Rio Arriba Counties

“New Mexico’s capital outlay system has flaws, but it does allow local communities to work with their legislators to determine how this money is spent. I am proud to say that for three years, I have been able to fund vital programs that the Los Alamos County Council and other municipalities and counties in the district named as their top priorities. These priorities have included improvements to local infrastructure, investments in water, and support of public safety. Additionally, by working with my colleagues to co-fund projects, I’m able to leverage $6 million total for the district with the $1.9 million that I appropriate personally. Yet, there is a need to address the process. Capital outlay is convoluted and doesn’t follow a strategic statewide plan to create jobs and get our state back on track. We must do better as a state to fund critical programs and infrastructure.”