Gabe Baca Discusses UNM-LA’s Adult Learning Center

Director Gabe Baca UNM-LA’s Adult Learning Center speaks about the program during Tuesday’s Rotary Club meeting at the golf course. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/


Los Alamos Daily Post

The University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) offers two alternatives to a high school diploma: the General Educational Development (GED) and High School Equivalency Test (HiSET).

During the Rotary Club of Los Alamos’ regular meeting Tuesday, Gabe Baca, director of the Adult Learning Center at UNM-LA, said the branch campus prepares students for both the GED and HiSET. A few of the differences between to two are the GED is now solely conducted online whereas the HiSET can be taken either on paper or online, Baca said.

Rotary offers financial support through a grant to help students afford these programs.

“Your support-I can’t thank you enough,” Baca said. “It’s encouraging to know there’s support out there for our students.”

He added the GED and HiSET program have received some improvements. The classes have increased from just once a week to four days. A smart board was installed and classroom conditions were improved with new lighting and other changes.

Last year, 107 students went through the program, Baca said, adding this year’s classes have just started.

In addition to offering preparation for the GED and HiSET, the UNM-LA’s adult basic education features English as a Second Language classes and community education which includes enrichment programs, professional development and classes for the youth.

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