FOSCA Announces Dog Jog Event April 24

Scene from the virtual Dog Jog event in 2020. Courtesy/FOSCA


Los Alamos County is now in “green” status with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic and Friends of Shelter and Companion Animals (FOSCA), hopes to be able to hold an in-person and in-dog Dog Jog this year. 

FOSCA will only do so if it can be done in accordance with all state and local requirements regarding activities during the pandemic recovery.

The Dog Jog scheduled this year for April 24 is FOSCA’s major fundraising activity; it raises about $15,000 to fund pet assistance programs. The Dog Jog is a fun activity for all participants, human and canine, who get a chance to enjoy a 5K run or 2-mile walk.

FOSCA, a humane organization in Los Alamos, is trying to improve the quality of life for unwanted pets and find homes for homeless animals.

Its goal is to have no more homeless pets and to achieve this end, the program has four major components:

  • A medical program that pays for veterinary expenses for pets with a serious illness or injured in catastrophic accidents;
  • A spay/neuter program that works with pet owners and local pet rescue organizations;
  • An adoption follow-up/surrender prevention program that works to keep adopted pets in their homes and keep them out of animal shelters; and
  • An education program to promote responsible pet ownership, including the benefits and importance of spaying/neutering pets.

The public’s support is needed now more than ever. This year FOSCA will pay for over 500 spay/neuter surgeries creating a measurable impact on the number of unwanted litters born in our area. In addition to providing low-cost spay/neuter options for pet owners, the organization also works closely with well-respected local pet rescue organizations to ensure that all of the cats and dogs that they find loving homes for are neutered prior to adoption.

FOSCA is especially proud of the fact that in the last few years it has sponsored spay/neuter programs for two local pueblo outreach programs that are providing a much-needed service to pueblo residents and decreasing the number unwanted pets on the pueblo lands.

Through its veterinary assistance program, FOSCA will provide over $23,000 to help pay for veterinary care for homeless animals and pets whose owners cannot afford extensive treatment. FOSCA pays for treatment of heartworm disease and parvovirus, surgery for removal of broken legs, dental treatments, and removal of cysts and tumors.

These life-saving treatments allow these beloved pets to go home with their devoted owners. In 2020, FOSCA helped husky pup Navy receive lifesaving treatment after he was accidentally crushed by a garage door; Navy continues towards his full recovery.