Former Los Alamos Registered Sex Offender Arrested In Seattle For Crimes Against Children

Nolan Paul Cyre


Los Alamos Daily Post
Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero received a call from the Seattle Times last week informing him that Nolan Paul Cyre was recently arrested in Seattle, Wash., for sex crimes involving children. 
Cyre, 36, was a registered sex offender in Los Alamos September to January and the sheriff’s office kept close tabs on him, Lucero told the Los Alamos Daily Post. 
“He traveled a lot for his work as an underwater welder and by law was required to inform my office of his travel plans if he was going to be gone for 10 days or more,” Lucero said. “I notified the law enforcement agencies in those communities. I think he didn’t feel comfortable being monitored so closely here and told me in January that he was moving to Seattle. I let the King County Sheriff’s Office there know he was moving into their jurisdiction.”
The Seattle story stated that a King County sheriff said Cyre registered with his office in February. Cyre was arrested July 12 when he arrived at a fast-food restaurant in South Seattle driving a rental car with North Carolina license plates, according to arrest documents cited in the Seattle Times story. The story stated that, though Cyre hadn’t decided where to take the underage girl he thought he was meeting, he planned to pay her $100 for sex and another $50 if she agreed to an additional act.

Lucero said that Cyre was convicted in 2010 Jacksonville, N.C., of possessing sexually explicit images of children.

Cyre was released July 14 from the King County Jail for this latest charge after posting $35,000 bail, but prosecutors are seeking to have his bail increased to $100,000 due to his criminal history and out-of-state ties, according to jail and court records cited in the story.

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