Food on the Hill: Chocolate Raspberry French Toast

The Week’s Recipe:
Chocolate Raspberry French Toast
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Hawaiian Sweet bread cut into ½ inch slices
Nutella Hazelnut spread
Raspberry preserves
Cream, small amount
A good bread knife

I like to use the Hawaiian sweet bread in the round loaf for this. I was unable to find the bread shape that I wanted, so I used the Sweet Rolls instead. Just don’t break them apart. If you only can find the rolls, carefully slice off a VERY thin layer of the crust off the bottom and just the very top of the rolls. Slice the bread to the size needed. Spread a medium layer of the preserves on the top slice of the bread and a smaller amount of the chocolate on the bottom slice of the bread and sandwich them together.


Photo by Sue York/
You can make the French toast as one bigger slice or “fingers.” I think they are very pretty on a plate as French toast fingers. If you are going to cut them into fingers, use a good serrated bread knife. I found it easiest to hold both sides of the cut with one hand and cut with the bread knife in my other. It will tend to be slippery, just cut slow. Wash the knife after each cut.
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Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees.

Mix the eggs and cream together until well blended. Dip each “sandwich” into the egg mixture and make sure all sides are coated.


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Fry on a non-stick pan on both sides until golden. DO NOT crowd the pan. I found that putting three “fingers” at a time was the right amount. If you put too many, it is hard to flip and it just makes a mess. Try to keep the area between the fingers clean. Paper towels works well. That will help with the finished dish.


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After each batch, put them in the warming oven on a piece of aluminum foil to keep them warm while the others are cooked.


Chocolate Raspberry French Toast
Photo by Sue York/