FLAC Welcomes Artist Dave Merriman With His Handmade Windchimes At Arts & Crafts Fair Aug. 10

Artist Dave Merriman and his handmade windchimes. Courtesy photo
Handmade windchimes by artist Dave Merriman. Courtesy photo
FLAC News:
Reminder … the Arts & Crafts Fair is down to just seven days away Swing on by to check out Dave Merriman and his handmade windchimes.
Each of Merriman‘s pipes are carefully tuned and built with a swivel for free rotation without getting wound up and come with a lifetime warranty.
Fun Fact: Wind chimes are thought to bring good luck in parts of Asia and are traditionally used in Feng Shui.
The community is invited to stop by 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 10 at Fuller Lodge to pick up a windchime from Merriman to attract good fortune and ward off bad luck.
For more information about this #NewMexicoTrue artist, visit windchimesbydave.com.