Five Coyotes Attack Local Pets

By Wendee Brunish

Photo by Ty Smedes

I wanted to let folks know that Calli (55-pound Labrador Retriever) was attacked by five coyotes in Bayo Canyon.

Steve Becker was walking with her and his dog Fido at about 7 p.m., Wednesday when the attack occurred.

They were on the north side of the canyon near the coyote watering hole when the coyotes appeared from the south side of the canyon.

Soon all hell broke loose.

Fortunately, two mountain bikers appeared and helped chase off the coyotes, and Steve was able to retrieve the two dogs.

Fido escaped with a couple of scratches, but Calli (5 years old) got a deep puncture wound and several bruises on her left flank.

After a couple of stitches (and then a couple of staples after she tore out the stitches) and some antibiotics, she is well on the road to recovery.

I just want to remind everybody that this aggressive pack is still out there, and this time of year when they are having pups is probably especially dangerous, so be careful when you are out there.

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