Fitness Column: Time To Get Started

Los Alamos

One of the hardest parts of anyone’s workout program is getting it started. We all know the benefits of regular exercise but for many getting started can be the most difficult step to take.

Not having enough time, not having enough exercise knowledge, and not having enough energy are three of the most common cases people give as to why they never get going on an exercise program.

First, you can make time to exercise if you want to. I know it’s difficult to add one more thing into our already busy lives, but this is just too important to neglect. We make time for going to the coffee shop, for watching television, and for many other things that just aren’t as important to our lives.

Start gradually. Take a walk in the evening. Add in a bike ride on the weekend. Get to the gym a couple times and realize that, if you try, you can fit it into your schedule.

Once you’ve made some type of activity part of your life, increase the number of exercise events you perform each week. Go to the gym and lift weights three times a week, walk with your family or dog most nights, and get out on the weekends. You’ll be very surprised how quickly you can go from a sedentary lifestyle to a healthy and fit lifestyle. All you have to do is get started.

Second, if you don’t feel you have the exercise knowledge to put together a safe and productive exercise program, get some help. Perhaps you know someone in the health and fitness industry who can help. If not, find a professional that can help you get started. It can be as easy as one session and you’ll be on your way. Often all someone needs is a properly designed exercise program.

Third, if you think you don’t have the energy for an exercise program, think again. Many people mistakenly think that exercise will take energy away from them and make them more fatigued. That’s wrong.

In reality, exercise will give you more energy. The increase in strength and endurance will help you have more energy in all aspects of your life. It may sound strange, but exercising will give you more energy than you ever had before.

If you don’t believe me, ask someone who exercises regularly or better yet, try it yourself and see. I know you’ll be amazed at how you feel and how much it makes you want to stick with a regular exercise routine.

The bottom line is to do what it takes to get started and get started now. If you get started now you’ll soon see all the health and fitness benefits that have been awaiting you.

Kent Pegg is a certified personal trainer and the owner of the Los Alamos Fitness Center. If you have any questions about the information or exercises in this article you can call him at 505.662.5232.

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