Firefighter Daniel Martinez Receives Certificate of Valor

Los Alamos Firefighter Daniel Martinez receives a standing ovation at Tuesday’s County Council meeting for the courage he displayed in pulling an unconsious man from a burning home. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

From left, Los Alamos County Fire Chief Troy Hughes, Firefighter Daniel Martinez with his Certificate of Valor award and Deputy Fire Chief Jason Grider. Santa Fe County Fire Chief David Sperling is speaking to Council and commending Martinez for his valient efforts in pulling a man from a burning home in Santa Fe County. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Los Alamos Daily Post
Los Alamos County Fire Chief Troy Hughes addressed the Los Alamos County Council Tuesday evening and asked them to join him in honoring Firefighter Daniel Martinez for the bravery he displayed last month during a house fire.

“On Dec. 15, 2015 Firefighter Martinez was off duty at home in the El Rancho area of Santa Fe County,” Hughes explained. “In the middle of the night Firefighter Martinez was awakened by a bright light and the noise of a fire coming from his neighbor’s home.”

Hughes told the County Council that without hesitation, Martinez ran from his home to render aid to his neighbor. He made entry into the burning home to find his neighbor unconscious from smoke that filled the home.

“He carried him out of the home and cared for him until the arrival of the Santa Fe County Fire Department,” Hughes said. “Unfortunately, the extraordinary efforts of Firefighter Martinez, the responders from Santa Fe County Fire Department and hospital staff were not enough to save the life of this man who later perished.

Santa Fe County Fire Chief David Sperling also attended Tuesday’s meeting to publicly commend Martinez for his actions. Hughes and Deputy Fire Chief Justin Grider asked Martinez to join them at the podium.

“The definition of valor is great courage in the face of danger. In recognition of his extraordinary effort to save a life in spite of extreme danger to himself, I would like to present Firefighter Martinez with a Certificate Of Valor for his effort,” Hughes said.

Martinez accepted the award saying it was difficult for him to do so because he was just doing his job. He said his training kicked in and that every one of his brothers and sisters in the fire department would have done the same.

Los Alamos County Firefighter Daniel Martinez, second from left, with his family following Tuesday evening’s award ceremony in Council Chambers at which he received the Certificate of Valor. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Los Alamos Firefighters line Council Chambers Tuesday evening to honor one of their own, Firefighter Daniel Martinez, who received the Certificate of Valor for his bravery in risking his life in an attempt to save another. Photo by Carol A. Clark/