Fire Department Asks Residents for Help

LAFD News:

With the current Fire Danger at EXTREME, and the anticipation of the fire danger level elevating to Stage 3 in the coming days, the Los Alamos Fire Department (LAFD) is asking for the community’s help.


LAFD asks people to refrain from using fireworks, campfires or bbq’s on public land. LAFD also asks people to smoking only inside a vehicle or building during these extremely dry conditions, especially during the annual Fourth of July celebration.

Adhering to this request could prove very beneficial, not only to the fire department, but to the citizens in the entire county, by reducung the risk of another large wildland fire in this area.


Stage 3 for the State of New Mexico means that certain areas of the forest in the state will also be closed to the public for any activities along with all other restrictions.


The current restrictions in Los Alamos County are as follows:

  • Certain fireworks are restricted as adopted by the County Council June 12;
  • No open fires on Camp May or North Mesa Picnic Grounds; and
  • No smoking unless inside a vehicle with an ashtray or inside a building.

If conditions CHANGE and warrant Stage 3 Restrictions, the Los Alamos County Fire Department will support and follow the following restriction and guidelines:

  • Restrict ALL open burning including gas grills on ALL public land and all parks in Los Alamos County;
  • No operation of any equipment powered by an internal combustion engine off of any paved or hardened surface and those must have a spark arrestor device. Exception: Only in established and improved areas that is watered and maintained on County-owned land; and
  • No welding, operating acetylene or other torch with open flame or grinding outside of a building EXCEPT under the following conditions in Los Alamos County:
    • Require individual onsite near the welding or grinding process as a “Fire Watch”;
    • Minimum of 30 feet in all directions shall be cleared of potential ignition sources;
    • “Fire Watch” will have available a minimum of 5 gallon bucket of water and a 10lbs fire extinguisher;
    • “Fire Watch” will have a phone to call 911 immediately for any and all fires that ignite during the process no matter how small the fire may be. CALL 911; and
    • “Fire Watch” will remain onsite a minimum of 30 minutes at the conclusion of the operation to ensure that no embers remain and no fire was ignited.

The LAFD is encouraging people to attend and support the Kiwanis Club and Los Alamos County event still being held beginning at 2 p.m. at Overlook Park July 4.

All other activities will go on as planned, including Atomic City Transit rides to the park, music by the Nomads and Community Winds, Habanero Skydivers will perform at 5 p.m. and 8:15 p.m., and there will be food vendors and “Ton O Fun” bouncy toys for the kids.
Join the Kiwanis Club and Los Alamos County at Overlook Park for a fun and safe Independence Day celebration. Donations are welcome for the event.

NOTE: Those who wish to begin the day on an early note, are invited to attend the Los Alamos Fire Department vs. Los Alamos Police Department Softball Game being beginning 10 a.m., at the Overlook Ball Fields.

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