Final 2021 Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum Talk: ‘The History Of Vaccines And The Christian Response To Vaccination’ By Glenn Magelssen July 28


The final lecture in the 2021 Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum (LAFSF) summer series is “The History of Vaccines and the Christian Response to Vaccination” by Glenn Magelssen.

Magelssen’s Zoom talk is 6:30 p.m., MDT, Wednesday, July 28.

Abstract: Vaccines have been important to human history for at least 200 years. For some of you reading this abstract you may remember getting a smallpox and/or a polio vaccine. I have included a picture of a person with smallpox as a reference to how lethal this disease was. In this talk I’ll describe the different types of vaccines. The histories of smallpox, polio and the coronavirus will be emphasized. I’ll finish with a discussion of our human response and how it involves our faith (religion).

The Zoom site is

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