Fifth Grade Band Students Learn Basics At First Lesson

Richard Hannemann, owner of a home based music store in Los Alamos, made sure that every student had an instrument and supplies. Courtesy photo

Kim LeTellier, a music educator at Chamisa Elementary. Courtesy photo

Larry Bronisz, a trombone player, first learned how to play his instrument 48 years ago at Aspen Elementary. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

Tuesday, Sept. 6, more than 115 beginning band students attended the First Lesson Night at Los Alamos High School.

The event was organized by the music faculty from the Los Alamos elementary schools, the Middle School and the High School. Volunteers from the local music community came to provide instruction, coaching and information.

Students learned how to produce sounds on their instruments, how to practice, how to participate in a band setting and how to take care of their instruments. Parents had a meeting where they talked about the benefits of being in band, the importance of attendance, the time commitment that will be required and the importance of having a place in the home where the student can practice.

According to Kim LeTellier, the music educator at Chamisa Elementary and the music team leader, hosting this first group lesson saves the teachers a lot of time and makes it possible for the students to play together as a group faster.

“It’s amazing how fast the kids progress,” said LeTellier. “There are huge leaps in learning. They go from knowing nothing about their instruments to playing a concert in December.”