Ferenbaughs; Romero Best Predictors In Pace Race

Atomic City Road Runners News:
Anna and Bobbie Ferenbaugh and Ted Romero had the best predictions in Tuesday’s Atomic City Road Runners weekly pace race.
The race was on a fairly-flat 1-mile paved loop mainly on Estante Way in Pajarito Acres. One could run any number of loops but with a requested time of 45 minutes or less. All distances from 1 to 5 miles were done.
The smallest differences between actual and predicted times in seconds adjusted to 3 miles were Anna Ferenbaugh (9 s), Ted Romero (10 s), Bobbie Ferenbaugh (12 s), Seth Thomas (15 s), Sanna Sevanto (16 s), Heidi Bjorklund (28 s), and Michael Cooper (35 s).
The fastest for 1 mile were Anna Ferenbaugh (10:03) and Steve Daly (10:15). For 2 miles, the fastest were Seth Thomas (15:50) and Kathy Daly (23:44). Aurea Rojas (28:10) and Tony Borek (28:21) were the fastest for 3 miles. The only 4-mile runner was Sanna Sevanto (30:31). For 5 miles, the fastest were Ryan Smeltzer (35:39) and Nikol Strother (37:13).
Next Tuesday’s Pace Race, the last of the season, will start at the Smith’s Marketplace parking lot next to Knecht Automotive. There will be 1 and 3 mile courses on the paved Canyon Rim Trail.

The Atomic City Road Runners Club is a family-oriented running and walking club that meets every Tuesday April through October for a pace race in which members predict their own time. Anyone can choose to run or walk for one mile or three miles, and the slowest walker can be a winner if his or her finish time is closest to that predicted.

For more information, 505.672.1639 or visit the Atomic City Road Runner website: atomicrunners.com.

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