Fellers: Feeding Wild Birds And Animals

Los Alamos

I want to share my feelings regarding the county’s possible upcoming restrictions limiting our freedom to feed wild birds and animals on our own  property.

I recently read on the Mountain Lion Foundation website:

“On average, a lion will kill a deer about once a week. They also dine on coyotes, raccoons, rodents, elk, feral hogs, and even porcupines.”

Los Alamos has most of the seven animals mentioned! It’s preposterous to think that regulations limiting how we can feed wild birds, who scatter their food on the ground regardless of the feeding station used, will help keep predators out of town! Have you noticed there are no longer streams or ponds in our canyons?

The drought and past fires have destroyed much of the animals and birds habitat and food and water sources! The animals were in town looking for something to eat even before the drought began! Now that their natural food source is drying up can we not have a little more compassion and concern for the wildlife that is left in our area?

I remember animals in town since the early 50s when we moved here! This enriches the experience of living in such an unusual town! This past August my husband and I drove through the Valle Grande National Preserve. We stopped to talk to a group of scientist attempting to catch insects. They told us they were documenting the mysterious lack of insects and birds in the Preserve. Most of them had vanished after the past fires and never returned! Do the county rule makers want to drive the birds and creatures away from Los Alamos?

Those who want to prevent unwanted animals from entering their yards can put up higher fences! The changing world should make us more concerned about the hardships on animals as well as on people, not more selfish!

I love the birds and animals in my yard! It should be my privilege to care for them if I choose! Imposing unrealistic rules will only create frustration; it won’t stop hungry birds and animals from trying their best to survive!


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