Features of the Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos Daily Post has a few features that you may not have noticed yet. Duke Daly enjoys reading the Los Alamos Daily Post. Photo by Linda Daly.

On the menu bar above, you will find menu options for Weather and Comics.

The Weather menu option has been there from the beginning. Clicking on “Weather” will take you to the National Weather Service – Los Alamos – weather forecast page (sorry White Rock, we know that you are generally a few degrees warmer). Beside the local forecast, the national weather service (or NOAA) provides excellent satelite images, too, among other great weather related information.

The Comics menu option is new and will take you to the “Yahoo News Comics” page where you will find a simply incredible list of practically every comic strip known to man! The Los Alamos Daily Post’s favorites include Doonsbury,  Dilbert and Garfield. Not only are they in 3D, but they are in color, too. You will see TODAY’s version of each comics strip in most cases. We know it’s hard to believe, but it is all true (except the 3D part). You can also go back and see the strips you might have missed when you were away on vacation. So start catching up on what you have missed. Editorial comics are found near the bottom of the Yahoo News Comics page.

Also new is a red “Subscribe to News Alerts” button found on the right hand sidebar area near the top of the page, just under the “search” button. Press the button to “subscribe” to the Los Alamos Daily Post. By subscribing you will be guaranteed to get the latest and greatest news headlines from Los Alamos, White Rock and beyond, right in your email box, on your phone, ipad and computer. You’ll never miss a thing.

Subscribing also helps the Los Alamos Daily Post grow by giving the Daily Post a count of how many subscribers we are reaching. Note that your name and email address are not shared with any companies, groups or individuals. Please help us grow so that we can bring you even more fantastically fresh local, regional (and beyond) news and new features.

Subscribe today! You’ll definately be glad you did … and tell your family, friends, office mates, neighbors and everyone you meet about us, too!  We are growing by leaps and bounds. Help the Los Alamos Daily Post become the #1 news source in the region.

In case you were wondering, the search text box and button allows you to search using key words for items that have appeared in the Los Alamos Daily Post. For example, say you want to know what has been published about a particular county council candidate. Just enter the candidate’s name in the search box and hit search and … BOOM … there you are … everything the Daily Post has published with that name in it. If your interest is in a particular event that we have published information about … just search for it and get the scoop. It’s easy and it’s fun! Give search a try.

Finally, the Daily Post has added a couple of external news source lists. You will now see “New Mexico News” headlines and “LANL News” headlines on our “News” page. The LANL News headlines will also appear on the bottom of the “National Laboratory” page. “New Mexico News” headlines will appear on the bottom of the “State, Nation & World” page.  If you click on a headline item, you will be linked to the full story in its cited external news sources website.

The Los Alamos Daily Post is dedicated to making you the smartest, most well-informed readers on the planet and these new features will surely help.

Thank you for making the Los Alamos Daily Post a part of your day. Stay tuned for more great features coming soon!

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