Fanning: Family Strengths Network Funding In Jeopardy

By Carie Fanning
Executive Director

Family Strengths Network is in jeopardy of losing critical financial support from Los Alamos County.

Let your voice be heard! Remind Los Alamos County why FSN is important to you and to the community.

Quick ways you can encourage Los Alamos County to fund FSN:

• Share this event – don’t just share, but invite everyone you know in the area that needs to know about this … and that is everyone here now, or previously!
• Change your profile photo using the filter from computer:
– hover over your profile pictures
– click “update”
– choose “add frame”
– type “Family Strengths Network” or “#thisismyFSN”
– click on frame selection and choose application length from mobile:
– go to your own profile
– tap on the camera icon on the bottom right of your profile picture
– choose “Add Frame”
– type “Family Strengths Network” or “#thisismyFSN” in the “Search frames” box at top of box
– tap on specifications to choose application length

• Again, individually invite your local friends to this event which is the single best way to get the word out on Facebook
• Share your family’s support via Public Comment for the Los Alamos County Council Session on June 9. Please do this even if you have supported FSN through public comment recently i.e. the Budget Hearing, etc. FSN will share separate guidelines on public comment in an upcoming post.
o Use this email and put “Public Comment” in the Subject line. Body of email should include name and address.
• Email Los Alamos County Councilors. Collectively to or individually:
o Sarah Scott
o Randall Ryti
o Pete Sheehey
o David Izraelevitz
o Antonio Maggiore
o James Robinson
o Katrina Martin

Tell them why FSN is important to you
o Have your children tell them why FSN is important to them
o Send videos starring your children, photos of hand-written notes, stories of your time at FSN
Share about FSN on social media with #thisismyfsn and #losalamoscounty
o Your pictures at FSN
o Why FSN matters to you and your family
In hashtags
In stories
In quotes
In videos with you/your children

Write letters to the editor in support of FSN
o Los Alamos Daily Post:
o Los Alamos Reporter:
o Monitor

Organize a Rally (social distanced)
o Parking lot Rally
o Parade Rally
o Social Media Rally-Share your “I Support FSN” signs
o Window Décor/Sidewalk Chalk your support for attention

Donate to Family Strengths Network
o 3540 Orange Street, Los Alamos, NM 87544
o FSN’s Facebook Fundraiser *coming soon*
Carie Fanning
Executive Director 

Family Strengths Network
3540 Orange Street
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Letter FSN Sent To Council Members:

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