Family Strengths Network Offers Program On Community Service For Families

FSN News:

Join Family Strengths Network 10:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday, April 27 forCommunity Service: A Family Affair.”

This program is for kids and adults and is free to the public. A donation of non-perishable food items is being requested to benefit LA Cares.

Compassion, empowerment, awareness, respect and responsibility are taught to our children when they learn how to connect to community through service. Mary Ann Novak will expound on the benefits of serving as a family. Conversation also surrounds ways to serve with one’s family in the community. The discussion will be followed by a simple service project to benefit the Los Alamos Senior Center.

Novak is new to the Los Alamos area, moving here with her two daughters last year. She has a special interest in childhood education, receiving her Master’s of Education degree in 2004 and subsequently working as a private music teacher for more than eight years.

For more information, call FSN at 505.662.4515. FSN is a United Way Community Partner.