Family Council Boots And Black Tie Fall Ball Garners Celebrity Support From Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neil. Courtesy photo

Staff Report

Ali MacGraw is an Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress—best known to most of the world for her work in Love Story and The Getaway—but around Northern New Mexico she is loved and admired as an activist and philanthropist.
MacGraw, a full-time Santa Fe local, has a long, long list of organizations she has lent her name and fame to support.

 And now, the Los Alamos Family Council can add their name to her distinguished list.

The Los Alamos Family Council is raising money to provide crisis intervention services to those in need throughout the region by hosting a dinner, dance, silent and live auction fundraiser featuring Country Recording Artist Sim Balkey.

The event will take place at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Saturday Nov. 7.

Natalie and Bruce Cunningham of Santa Fe stepped right up to the plate when Los Alamos Family Council board member and Boots and Black Tie Fall Ball event coordinator, Mary Beth Maassen, asked them to contribute to the event.

What Maassen did not know was that the Cunningham’s had a long tradition of working with Ali MacGraw to offer gourmet dinners in their home that they would prepare and MacGraw would host.

“Family Council is thrilled with their largesse,” Maassen said.“Not just the donation, but for the Cunninghams and Ali to offer their time, it is truly a remarkable gift for which we are very grateful.”

She is the sweetest, most generous person in the world,” Natalie Cunningham said about MacGraw. “She is really, really smart, and very easy to talk to. It is never stilted or awkward, she has a real gift and it makes for a memorable, magical evening.”

MacGraw was happy to help, but she did have one concern. “I want to be sure whoever wins this dinner is prepared to wait until I am back in town. , If it all goes well, it might be several months.”
MacGraw is currently starring with her old friend Ryan O’Neal as they portray Melissa and Andrew on a national tour of Broadway’s Love Letters.

“Yes, we can wait!” Maassen said. “Los Alamos is filled with folks with busy schedules, so waiting a while to book the dinner is not a problem.”

And what kind of dinner can a donor expect?

Well-known Chef Johnny Vee has said, “Chez Cunningham” served as good a meal as he could get at any of his top ten favorite restaurants… Sounds like amazingly splendid night!”

The Los Alamos Family Council promotes emotional and social well-being through advocacy, education, prevention and counseling, serving the diverse populations of northern New Mexico.  

The Counseling Center supports the mission with emphasis on counseling, education, and prevention and offers a full range of behavioral health services including substance abuse and youth programs. They also operate two youth activity centers.

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