Faith & Science Winter Series ‘What Makes Us Human?’ Begins Oct. 20

Adam and Eve. Courtesy/


The Los Alamos Faith & Science Forum is holding a winter series beginning Oct. 20 on the topic “What Makes Us Human?”.

The forum meets at Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church on the third Tuesday of the month, except for December. A video/presentation begins at 6 p.m. followed by a large group discussion at 6:30 p.m., which ends around 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome and attendees may bring their dinner. Visit

Tuesday, Oct. 20: Origins of Modern Humans

After a video on the history, geographical distribution, and features of the immediate ancestors of modern humans (us), the group will have the opportunity to discuss:

  • nomenclature (what do “human,” “Homo,” and “sapiens” mean);
  • what happened to make us different from our immediate ancestors; and/or
  • how we might categorize and date Adam and Eve based on their abilities revealed in Genesis.

About the presenter:

Gerry (pronounced like Gary) Wood came to Los Alamos on a postdoc after completing a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. He retired after 35 years at LANL, working mostly in health and safety areas and specializing in respiratory protection from toxic gases and vapors. Wood has spent more than 12 years as a consultant with various U.S. Government agencies: CDC, EPA, Department of Labor/OSHA, and the U.S. Army. Since leaving LANL, he has done independent studies including astrophysics, physics, and history of science and faith. Wood has been a member of the Los Alamos Church of Christ for 46 years, the last 22 years serving as one of the elders there. Find out more at