Experience Pasión de Tango at LALT Thursday

Alp Findikoglu and Paula Couselo-Findikoglu tango. Courtesy photo

By Bonnie Gordon

Thrill to one of the most fascinating and sensual dance styles in the world when Pasión de Tango comes to Los Alamos Little Theatre at 7:30 p.m Thursday, Oct. 18.

Pasión de Tango will showcase Santa Fe tango performers and instructors Alp Findikoglu and Paula Couselo-Findikoglu and the Bailo Tango Dance Group as well as the music of the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet from Argentina.

The show is produced by Graciela Cainelli. The music and dance will intertwine to show tango’s complexity, depth, elegance and sensuality.

Pasión de Tango is based on the evolution of tango throughout the years, Couselo-Findikoglu said.

The show opens with two intense pieces. Then, the journey through time begins with Buenos Aires in 1882.

This style is full of grace and liveliness, and paints a picture of the bordellos where tango was first played and accepted.

The show continues with the 1930s to the 1950s. The tango from this period has become more romantic. The movements are slower, with melancholic harmonies.

Pasión de Tango then changes to the most revolutionary age of tango, the 1960s. In this period, tango became intertwined with modern music.

Pasión de Tango closes with today’s tango – Alejandro Ziegler’s own compositions. The music that is played during the show also is explained by the musicians, so that the audience can understand the social context from which tango developed.

Alejandro Ziegler Quartet has developed its own unique style of tango music reflecting both innovation and tradition.

With their unique mix of tango, improvisation and romance, they have gained recognition all over the world. Their focused performances are complete acoustic, dynamic, and musical masterpieces not to be missed.

“Tango is usually improvised,” Couselo-Findikoglu said. “The leader interprets the music and provides his partner with opportunities to showcase the figures and steps. We will show the flashier, more choreographed style, but also the more intimate improvisational style.”

Couselo-Findikoglu and Findikoglu met at social tango evening in Buenos Aires. Findikoglu was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Couselo-Findikoglu was born, raised, and trained as a dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Together, they have performed and taught tango in New Mexico for many years. They have trained with some of the most recognized Argentine tango dancers and been teaching tango at the Betty Ehart Senior Center for about 10 years, and have built the tango dance community in Los Alamos.

Findikoglu and Couselo-Findikoglu travel to Buenos Aires at least once a year, where they keep exploring the depth and complexity of the dance and music.

The Bailo Tango Dance Group is made up of students and tango aficionados who want to share their love of tango, Couselo-Findikoglu said. Experience tango for yourself at this special event.

Tickets for Pasión de Tango are available at CB FOX in Los Alamos and at the door on the night of the performance – 1670 Nectar St.






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